Dr. Hollington

Dr. Hollington was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1965. He attended University of Miami Medical School in Florida, graduating in 1992. Board certified in Medicine soon thereafter. For the next four years, he was a resident in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at University of Florida, Jacksonville, graduating in 1996, then Board certified in both Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, he spent one more year in training at Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center, Texas.

Since the US Air Force paid for Medical School, at the discretion of the military, Dr. Hollington spent several years working as a Pathologist and Laboratory Director at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. Starting in 2000, Dr. Hollington focused on Pathology and informatics, working for the CDC Atlanta, HL7, UpToDate, and others. Board certified in Informatics in 2013. Since then, his varied career has included clinical medicine in Minnesota and Florida, working mostly with under served communities and addiction. Dr Hollington also practices emerging medicine, bringing to his patients treatments which are not yet widely available through conventional clinics.

The wide range of his medical career can best be explained by his interest in all areas of diagnostic medicine, rather than a focus on any single sub-specialty, and his belief that the best physician is one who never stops learning, and never slows down.