ShockWave Therapy For
Pain Relief And E.D. Treatment

A non-invasive, modern treatment procedure which has been proven to relieve pain and treat Erectile Dysfunction successfully, without complicated surgeries.

Breakthrough treatment for E.D.

ShockWave Therapy provides  100% natural, drug-free, surgery-free solutions for Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) and Pain Relief.

Non-invasive treatment

Highly effective non-invasive treatment method cleared by the FDA.

100% safe

ShockWave Therapy has virtually no risks or side effects.

Quick results

The beneficial effects of ShockWave Therapy are often experienced after only 3 treatments.

ShockWave Therapy is pain-free

It promotes the development of new cells in damaged tissues by sending low-energy sound waves into the injured or painful body part. There are no invasive methodologies and you will feel only a mild discomfort during the session.

State-of-the-art, tissue-restoring technology

It works by producing low-energy acoustic waves throughout the injured or otherwise affected areas in the body. The audible sound waves increase the blood flow into the treated area. This increase accelerates the body's in-bred healing processes. The waves ShockWave Therapy produces can also dissipate disorganized tissues and calcifications and reduce fibrosis.

Effective and quick treatment, with no side-effects

Most patients will feel a significant clinical benefit in their pain 6 to 8 weeks after the treatment. The treatment is provided once a week for 3-6 weeks. Normally, the patient regains full mobility minutes after the therapy session and can return to their daily activities, with no reported side-effects.

Recuperate your sex-life

Patients with Erectile Dysfunction often turn to ShockWave Therapy after having tried pills, implants and other temporary solutions for E.D. ShockWave Therapy improves the blood-flow into the penis, making erections stronger and long-lasting. It also rejuvenates the affected tissues, thus recuperating sex life completely and permanently.


What do our patients say?

"I discovered ShockWave Therapy and it completely restored my erections and sexual desire. I am now sorry I hadn't tried it earlier."

Peter B.

My sex life was getting poorer and I felt like I was deprived of one of the most pleasurable activities in life.Then I discovered ShockWave Therapy and it completely changed my life."

Andrew R.

"It's been eleven years since I was able to get and maintain an erection. Then I heard about ShockWave Therapy and gave it a try. Shockwave Therapy worked immediately after the first treatment! What a miracle!"

Thomas C.


Relieve pain and cure E.D. permanently with ShockWave Therapy.

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100% Safe

Quick results